Wednesday, 24 March 2021

A blast from the past- Warmaster

 After much fun with Commands and Colors Ancients I dug out my Warmaster toys and got stuck in. I have three 1000ish point armies, Empire, High Elf and Tomb Kings and have had some very entertaining battles.

Here are some pictures of the toys...

My Empire army, GW and Pendraken.

My Tomb Kings, GW and Irregular Miniatures.

And my High Elves, GW, Pendraken and an old Asgard dragon.

Some random close ups...

A few shots from todays battle...

These small 1000point Warmaster games fit well on my little 4x3 board and entertain me for a couple of hours at a time. 

Happy days!.

Monday, 15 March 2021

A bit of a change, Commands and Colors Ancients.

 I have been immersed in Oathmark since the turn of the year but recently I fancied a change.

I got out an old favourite and seeing that it is the Ides of March I played a scenario featuring Caesar against the Belgae.

The scenario was Sabis/Sambre 57BC.

Here is the man of the moment.

The set up.

The Belgae cross the water.

With his unit routed Caesar takes shelter among his artillery.

Then the Belgae break through on the Roman right flank to win the battle.

Poor old Caesar is defeated!.

I enjoyed it so much that I set up a game using DBA army lists to give me a pair of twelve unit armies.

As much as I enjoy the published scenarios I like the freedom to make my own.

Here is Vercingetorix looming above his warriors.

It is a grand game, I play it with my 15mm toy soldiers too.

Thursday, 11 March 2021

Battle for the Catacombs

 After defeating the King of the Dead at the battle of Kirkja, Grimm Thorstansson gathers his army to avenge his fallen father.

He strikes deep into the lands of the dead to burn the catacombs from which the revenant warriors rise.

As King Grimm and his army enter the land of the dead the sentinels awaken. Their warning cries bring the undead army to war.

King Grimm aims to destroy the Oathmarks of the dead while the dead defend their ancient standing stones from their mortal enemy.

The armies deploy for battle.

Vimura the necromancer and Vlad the vampire lead the dead.

Their skeletal soldiers guard the sacred stone.

The Heimdalr line. As the battle starts Grimm and his companion knights have eaten poisoned food and can only activate on a 7+. 

A severe blow to the Heimdalr before swords are even crossed.

Fierce fighting round the central stone sees the skeletons pushed back but the men are disordered.

Attacked by a wraith of Hel this unit breaks.

The beastmen recoil from the barrow worm.

Even the giant is bested by the revenants, fails his morale test and flees the field!.

The Helwraith attacks again and more Heimdalr fall back in disorder.

Only the Priest of Heimdal has any success against the foul wraith, wounding the apparition with sorcerous fireballs.

Even the lightly armed ghouls get the better of the unnerved warriors.

The vile worm finishes off the beastmen with gusto.

The Helwraith, bringer of death.

The dead surge forward as the Heimdalr quit the field.

Defeated and demoralised King Grimm Thorstansson retreats back to Heimdal.

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Undead recruits

 I bought myself a pair of new models for my Oathmark undead and got them painted today.

 Hopefully I'll get them into action in the next couple of days.

Here are some photos, I put them through a filter in an attempt to make them a bit more spooky.

Vlad (original eh?) is a Reaper metal Vampire, Reaper name him as Tepes Trajan.

He is rather pale, I reckon he needs to get out more.

Have a look at my little wee worm, a Barrow Worm. He is a Reaper Bones plastic Carrion Worm.

He is a grisly looking beggar. I covered him in PVA to make him look slimy.

A grave robber with a difference!.

I am very pleased with them, 312 points each should make an impact on the table but then again we all know what happens to new models when the dice fly!. 

Thursday, 4 March 2021

One Hour Wargames

I've done no more of my Oathmark campaign this week as me old back has been a bit sore. I did find some old photos from a game that I forgot to post last May. So here we go...

The toys are my old plastic AWI chaps and the scenario involves the British forcing a river crossing to take a hill on the other side.

The objective is well defended.

But the bridge is taken.

British artillery bombarding from across the creek.

These redcoats are getting shaky, 12 hits out of 15.

The view from the American lines.

Another unit of redcoats are close to breaking, 14 hits.

The Grenadiers are holding on.

And the Brits are defeated, here are the lightbobs falling back to the bridge.

A pleasant way to spend an hour.