Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Oathmark on the table.

 I tried out Oathmark by Joe McCollough this week and had some enjoyable games.

I dug out some of my Warhammer collection and fit them into the Oathmark profiles. Pictures and some commentary from the last game follow below.

Here are some orc archers who have taken cover behind a field wall.

And their shooting is very effective, killing three of the Locksley bowmen who narrowly avoid becoming disordered.

Orcs face off against Baron Sangliers spearmen.

There are trolls too!. The green counter denotes activation.

Dwarfs fight alongside the greenskins.

Baron Sanglier and his knights advance and badly rough up a unit of orcs.

Goblin wolfriders are no match for the knights and hang back.

The wolfrider scouts begin to work their way around the flank. 

Oh dear!, a spearmans head falls off, is this a bad omen?.

Trolls crash into the flank of the knights who are already disordered by foul greenskin sorcery.

The Baron is slain and the cream of the army routed.

The Goblins advance into the gap.

Elsewhere the spearmen are falling back.

The dwarfs are getting the better of the pikemen.

And trolls are crashing through the woods.

The Bishop of Orcland is working his foul magic.

As the trolls emerge from the woods one is shot down by the men of Locksley.

The dwarfs break the pikemen.

But the other bowmen kill off the trolls on the other side of the bog.

Fierce fighting between the orcs and the spearmen.

Sees the orcs broken.

The orc archers keep up relentless volleys on the men of Locksley.

And eventually drive them from the field.

The spearmen take the dwarfs in the flank.

The dice fall well for the men (on the left).

And the morale roll is bad for the dwarfs.

He's behind you!.

Meanwhile the archers are being surrounded.

The spearmen break the dwarfs and hold off the troll.

The archers are in trouble now. The red counter marks disorder, a failed morale test whilst disordered means a unit breaks.

So a defeat for the men but the unit of spears deserves some honour for defeating orcs, dwarfs and holding off a troll. And I thought the little mans head falling off was a bad omen for them.

A good game, in my opinion the rules are easy to learn and remember. The die roll system is slick and intuitive, I am impressed.
 Oathmark will certainly get some more table time in our house.

Monday, 14 December 2020

Galleys and Galleons

 Having had so much fun with my paper ships from the Helion Trafalgar book I fancied something similar. When I spotted the Helion Spanish Armada book on Ebay for £6.49 I jumped in.

As you can see I also purchased some rules for them in the shape of Galleys and Galleons from Ganesha Games.
The rules give a really fun game with scope from Ancient galleys to Treasure Island.
The volcano can cause a bit of havoc in the game.
A Galleass negotiating the shallows.
And the Victory gannin' down the gurgler!.

There are dozens of ships in the book while with Galleys and Galleons half a dozen a side is about all I can handle playing solo. It gives me plenty of options though and there are still loads to make. 

I don't know what is the matter with blogger and/or my photos today but it has not been easy posting so this will have to do for now. 

Stay safe.

Sunday, 8 November 2020

Some old stuff.

 Since I am still concentrating on the paper ships I thought I would post some old images that never got posted.

From 2015 some Bolt Action.

Some Conan from 2017.

And some Lion Rampant from 2017 with 15mm little mans.

Well I'm going to have another ship battle tonight, British against French, it should be good.

Stay safe.