Friday, 30 September 2022

Wo, wo, wo, wo Waterloo.

 "Waterloo, Quelle Affaire" by River Horse games has been on my table this week.

Designed by Alessio Cavatore it is a right good game and I have played it twice this week.

The only problem with the game is the tiny writing and numbers on the nice big one inch counters. I have had to resort to a magnifying glass mainly during set up because the French set up guide in particular is very hard to see.

I intend to get some of those little sticky paper dots and write the numbers on them to make them more readable.

Here are a few photos of a game...

Blucher arrives on turn five.

The Anglo-Dutch hang on and the French are sandwiched between them and the Prussians. Napoleon is defeated. 

The casualty pile.

Great stuff, for a good review of the game Norm Smith have a look here link

Tuesday, 20 September 2022

"Black Powder" Napoleonics.

 I'm still enjoying the Black Powder family of wargames rules and have been playing some Napoleonic games. 

I have used a couple of different approaches...

My 1/72nd toy soldiers.

And my Commands and Colors wooden blocks.

Using the blocks gives me all of the main Napoleonic armies as I am lucky enough to own all of the army expansions. I had a grand game of Austrians versus the French and I think the blocks give a moving battle map look to the game.

I took a few photos at the end of the game.

 My 1/72nd toy soldier collection is small and limited to French and Russians but have the toy soldier appeal.

Here are a few photos of tonight's game...

Great fun.

Tuesday, 13 September 2022

Pike and Shotte

This week I have been playing some English Civil War games using "Pike and Shotte" rules. I had forgotten how much fun can be had with the "Black Powder" family of rules and intend to use them more often.

Here's a few photos of the wee men on the table.

 It's been nice to get these old soldiers out again, I've had some of them nearly 40 years.

Happy days.

Friday, 9 September 2022

Battle of Britain week.

 This week has had a Battle of Britain theme in our house. I have been playing Blood Red Skies and the Battle of Britain boardgame.

I spent three days having some smashing games of Blood Red Skies. I didn't take any photos though so here is a couple of old pictures.

Then I got out the Battle of Britain boardgame, my copy has the horrible bendy aircraft models that PSC replaced with better ones. I decided to make some alternative markers and used some of my spare Commands and Colors blocks.

Some of them needed a lick of paint to match the air group colours, they are a bit rough and ready but they're OK for me.

I played the game through over a couple of days and at the end the Luftwaffe won 66 points to 60.

Great fun.

Friday, 2 September 2022

One Hour Skirmish Wargames.

 I was lucky enough to get a copy of One Hour Skirmish Wargames by John Lambshead recently and I have been playing the game all week.

I've been playing WW2 with my 28mm fellas and started with very basic forces to ease myself into the rules.

I was quickly able to add in tanks to my scenarios.

I have been playing with a squad/section or so a side with a few heavier weapons and some special rules.

Each game I have had has been very enjoyable with plenty of tense moments as the cards are drawn.

The game is diceless being run entirely by a deck of standard playing cards for each side. It works like a dream and you can play skirmishes from horse and musket to modern warfare and beyond.

Here's a Hetzer, as everyone likes a Hetzer. It's a 1/48 scale Tamiya model. 

Great stuff!, I plan to play some western gunfights and Napoleonic games with this fine addition to my rules collection.

Happy days.

Tuesday, 30 August 2022

Shem invades Argos, CC:A Hyboria.

 The great trading nation of Argos has the busiest port of the Hyborian Age, Messantia as it's capital. King of Kings Kumbaniash, ruler of Shem has long envied Argos' wealth and seeks to bring it under his control. He would then have a network of trade from Cathay to Kush which would bring wealth and power beyond compare.

As Aquilonia is engaged in Zingara he unleashes his host upon Argos.

As the Shemites assail the eastern provinces with fire and sword King Milo V prepares to confront an army that has defeated half the world. His professional army is small but augmented with barbarian mercenaries and war elephants from Kush.

The Argosseans are in red at the top of the picture.

King Milo advances as his slingers damage the Kothian chariots.

Then his warriors attack the Shemite archers who evade to avoid harm.

The infantry battle ebbs and flows.

But the Shemite Asshuri infantry come out on top until the Argossean cavalry destroy the nearest unit.

Kumbaniash charges in to protect his infantry flank but is eventually defeated and is forced to take refuge amidst his bowmen.

And the Argossean barbarian warriors defeat the remaining Asshuri.

The Shemites respond by darkening the sky and the barbarian warriors are destroyed.

With the Shemites in disarray King Milo attacks the Kothian war chariots with his Guard cavalry and elephants.
The Kothians are routed and Kumbaniash is defeated!.

After the retreat to Asgalun the Shemites sue for peace. Koth, Ophir and Turan declare independence and King of Kings Kumbaniash is murdered by his generals.

As a Nemedian philosopher once said "The Road of Kings is a bit of a bugger".