Friday 23 February 2024

PANZER: Brits in action.

 Another game of PANZER on the LHY maps...

Brits attacking a German held village.

The Brits fire smoke at a brace of Tigers.

Germans holding the chateau.

Moving up.

PaK 40's lurking in the woods.

The RAF take out the flakwagen.

The German ambushers come under fire.

Despite the covering smoke a pair of Fireflies get brewed up.

The first German infantry platoon is defeated.

A Tiger immobilised.

The Tigers get attacked from behind by the speedy Cromwell tanks.

The Typhoon takes out the immobilised Tiger, BOOM!.

It's a bit of a ding-dong.

The Germans are just hanging on.

After a hard fight the village is taken!.

The German command and mortar section scarper from the chateau.

The dead pile!.

Another canny game, PANZER is a highly regarded game here in Chateau L'Idelle.

Wednesday 21 February 2024


  I am a big fan of GMT's PANZER and recently got hold of the third expansion for PANZER which brings the British and US to the game.

Great stuff!.

Great, except for the maps. PANZER map hexes are too small for the vehicle counters being the same width at one inch, this means that the corners of the vehicles protrude into the next hex.

The PANZER maps are functional rather than artistic and that is OK with me but I don't like the hedgerow maps representing bocage, I don't like them at all!. 

I also am lucky enough to own and enjoy  GMT's The Last Hundred Yards which has 1 and 1/4 inch maps so I though I would give them a try for PANZER.

LHY on the left PANZER on the right.

What a difference!.

The game is much easier to play on the larger hexes especially when you are using information counters alongside the unit counters. The game is much nicer to look at too.


Friday 16 February 2024


 ASL is the best wargame I've ever played. I managed to get hold of some second hand bargains recently...

A £15 1st edition rulebook.

And a £35 1st edition Beyond Valor.

"The Guards Counterattack", a nostalgic moment for me as it is 40 odd years since I played it with the original Squad Leader.

Happy days.

Thursday 6 July 2023

Baroque - English Civil War.

 Well I'm still battling away with me ECW toys. After many good games with "Furioso" rules I found the rule set I originally fancied on Ebay at a good price.

These rules are entitled "Baroque" and are published by Dadi&Piombo. I decided to half my unit size to suit the rules on my small table.

The rules play well with commands activating by initiative as the opposing units may react to the activating sides actions. It is all very to and fro.

There is a very good blogpost featuring Baroque here... link It is well worth a peep for anyone interested, I have found it very useful.

I discovered that I needed a couple of camps to be protected so I set to and made some today.

I've spent some time improving my terrain a bit too, I've invested in some new trees, painted my fields and had a right good time of it.

I love learning a new rules set and I reckon Baroque is well worth learning.

Thursday 22 June 2023

Furioso- English Civil War

I got my English Civil War toys out and have had a lot of fun trying out rulesets with them. I played "Warhammer ECW" for a few games and that was enjoyable but didn't quite hit the spot.

 Then I tried out "Furioso" by Steve Danes, I bought these rules a couple of years back when I had wild ideas about wargaming the Italian Wars.

Furioso designed to wargame the sixteenth century, somewhat earlier than the English Civil War so I had to use similar unit stats to suit my collection.

I enjoyed my first couple of games, I particularly liked the initiative system.

The next couple of games knocked me back a bit, one or two implausible events occurred. 

Then I found that I had missed some rules so I had another game which was much better.

I played more, introducing some skirmishers and found some more depth to the rules.

The upshot is that I am very pleased with Furioso, the rulebook was a bit hard for me to grok but definitely worth persevering with.

For those that are interested in Furioso there is a great blogpost here... link

The rules are available from Alternative Armies... link

I foresee plenty of good games ahead.

Great stuff!.