Tuesday, 20 September 2022

"Black Powder" Napoleonics.

 I'm still enjoying the Black Powder family of wargames rules and have been playing some Napoleonic games. 

I have used a couple of different approaches...

My 1/72nd toy soldiers.

And my Commands and Colors wooden blocks.

Using the blocks gives me all of the main Napoleonic armies as I am lucky enough to own all of the army expansions. I had a grand game of Austrians versus the French and I think the blocks give a moving battle map look to the game.

I took a few photos at the end of the game.

 My 1/72nd toy soldier collection is small and limited to French and Russians but have the toy soldier appeal.

Here are a few photos of tonight's game...

Great fun.


  1. Handy those C&C blocks probably are - especially if you can call on any Napoleonic army - but I much prefer your 'toy soldier' collection!

  2. Nice to see your 1/72 plastic Napoleonic collection in action.

    1. Thanks Peter, I should paint up some more sometime.

  3. Good to see your 1/72nd Armies Paul- Fifty years ago I had a rather large collection of AIRFIX Napoleonic- all the Regiments were painted and my favorites were the Scottish Highlanders. Stay well there Friend. Cheers. KEV.

    1. Thanks KEV, I've got a box of those Highlanders waiting to be painted, God only knows when I'll get round to them though.
      Take care mate,

  4. Another option I’ve seen is painted up Risk armies as you can buy replacement pieces very cheaply on eBay.