Thursday, 16 June 2022

Fantasy Warriors: Dwarves painted.

I managed to get all of my little Dwarf army finished tonight so I hoyed them on the table and took a few photos.

A unit of spearmen, I converted the standard bearer and gave the leader some horns on his helmet.

A unit of eight axemen with some easy conversions, hammerheads and bits from my bits box.

More axemen, I like the sheep horns on the leaders helmet.

The crossbow leaders got a white plume to differentiate them from the rank and file.

Human allies, Perry foot knights.

The Dwarf General and his bannerman.

Before my order from em4 arrived I painted these Oathmark Goblin wolf riders as Orc wolf riders.

Next up for painting are my em4 Orcs, I had a lot of fun adding bits and pieces to make musicians and standard bearers and officers. I am really looking forward to painting them.


  1. The dwarves look quite good, as does the wolf riders.

    1. Cheers irishserb, I am enjoying this modest little project.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Neil, the em4 figures may be cheap, old fashioned figures but they have a lot of charm. A better painter than me could get some really good results from them.

  3. Excellent. Those EM4 figures are absolutely wonderful and easily convertible. Nice work.

    1. Thanks, they are made with polystyrene nowadays instead of ABS so it is easy to cement all manner of bits from my old Warhammer sprues to them. I had a lot of fun finding weapons and various bits to stick on.