Sunday, 21 February 2021

Oathmark - The Lands of the Dead

 The King of the Dead rules from his stronghold of Dimnesele.

The King of the Dead. I put the pics through a filter in an attempt to make them more spooky.

The king and his revenant companions.

Revenant warriors.

Skeleton spearmen.

Grisly, gory ghouls.

A necromancer and a vampire.

A wraith, a prepainted Combat Hex LotR mini standing at about 40mm tall. 

I am looking forward to getting them in action. In the meantime I have some Elves to paint.


  1. Great look! Im envy of Your painted armies... :)

    1. Thank you BZ, your blog and your posts on the Lead Adventure Forum have been very inspirational for my Oathmark project.
      The armies were mostly painted years ago for Warhammer and Kings of War.